What time did you wake up?:11:30 p.m.
Did you go back to sleep?:yes
What time did you get up?:12 p.m.
What time did you leave the house?:7:45 p.m.
What were your plans for the day?:going out to eat then do some Christmas shopping
What was the funniest thing someone said to you today?:don't recall
What was the nicest thing someone said to you today?:"Your hair is BEE-YOO-TEE-FOOL!"
Did anyone say 'I love you' to you today?:don't think so
Did anyone say 'I hate you' to you today?:not that I know of
What's the one thing you regret about today?:didn't get to see LOTR3
The one thing you're glad about?:went shopping and bought chocolate flavored gourmet coffees :D
How are you feeling now?:content, yet mellow and quite tired

How was your day? brought to you by BZOINK!

Now goodnight!
jess @ 12/20/2003 01:47:00 AM

MORE PROCRASTINATION! I thought the creator of the daily quiz #10 had interesting ideas, so I took her other quizzes as well :D Enjoy:

Daily Questions for 12/2/03
Shouldn't the phrase really be "what goes around comes around"?:I thought that was how the phrase went in the first place...
Have you ever had a crush on a cartoon character?:no
That was based on an animal?:no
Ever broken a bone?:nope
Ever moderatly or severly burned yourself?:yeah, lol

Daily Questions #1 brought to you by BZOINK!

Substance Use & Abuse
Have you ever drank underage?:no
Have you ever distributed alchohal to minors?:no
Have you ever gotten drunk?:no
Have you ever gotten high?:no
Have you ever had a calm bake?:a wha wha?
Do you consider yourself straight edge?:sure do

Daily Questions #2 brought to you by BZOINK!

Daily Questions for 12/5/03
Do you like pop music?:ew, for God's sake: no
Do you consider yourself more of a punk-rock chick/dude?:eh *shrugs*
Do you think it is possible to be "punk"?:to some people, but to me, not really
What's you're label, then?:My label is unlabelable!
Anything else you want to say, while we're on the topic of punk and labels?:Categorizing people is stupid. Everyone talks about being tolerant and politically correct, but stereotyping others contradicts just that. I hate labels and anything else of the sort. Don't judge, you're not the Judge.

Daily Questions #3 brought to you by BZOINK!

12/6/03 Death
Have you ever experienced a family death?:yes
A death of a friend or peer?:no
Have you ever lost anyone very close to you?:mehhhhhh, not really kinda but no yeah
Would you rather be cremated or burried?:cremated

Daily Questions #4 brought to you by BZOINK!

12/7/03 Religion
Do you consider yourself religous?:yup
What is your religion?:Christian
Do you practice this religion, a different one, or none at all?:first one
Do you believe in Heaven and/or Hell?:both
If so, do you know which one you're destined for?:Heaven

Daily Questions #5 brought to you by BZOINK!

12/8/03 Sexuality
Do you know anyone who is homosexual or bisexual?:yep
Do you approve of being homosexual or bisexual?:I'm ok with homosexuals and bisexuals, just not homosexuality or bisexuality.
Are you straight but not narrow?:Do wha wha? Yes, I'm straight...
Are you homosexual or bisexual?:no

Daily Questions #6 brought to you by BZOINK!

12/9/03 Journaling
Do you keep an online journa or diaryl?:yup
If so, what type (livejournal, woohu, etc.)?:blogger blog, and SJ
Do you keep an off-line journal or diary?:not anymore
If so, How often do you write in it?:-
Do you write more often in your online journal or off-line journal?:online
Which one do you value more?:online
Which one are you more likely to show to your friends?:online

Daily Questions #7 brought to you by BZOINK!

12/10/03 Your shoes
How many pairs of shoes do you own?:5?
Are you wearing shoes right now?:no, socks
Describe your favorite pair of shoes.:flip-flops!
Do you ever borrow your friend's shoes?:yup
Do you ever walk around shoeless in public places?:occassionally

Daily Questions #8 brought to you by BZOINK!

12/11/03 People you Know
Who's your best friend?:Yvette is one of them
Who is one person you abosolutly can not stand?:Heath** Howa**
Who is someone you think you could be really good friends with?:Matt F.
Which of your friends have you known the longest? How long?:Yvette - about 3 and a half years
Who is someone you go to when you want to vent?:Blade, usually

Daily Questions #9 brought to you by BZOINK!

12/13/03 Random Favorites #1
Favorite movie:Finding Nemo!
Favorite T.V. show:Simpsons
Favorite type of music:rock/alternative/punk/country
Favorite song from above genre:Faint - Linkin Park/I'm Moving On - Rascal Flatts
Favorite website:mine ;]

Daily Questions #11 brought to you by BZOINK!

and an extra, for good measure:

Translate the smilies!
D::sadfully shocked
>:(:confuzzledly sad
:$:money mouth
<:O:very surprised
:U:open, crooked mouth
:|:displeased, mellow
:{:fearful kind of sad, uncertain
:X:lips are sealed
:d~:so yummy, you're drooling

Smiley Translation brought to you by BZOINK!

jess @ 12/20/2003 01:40:00 AM

Wow. It's been 2 weeks already. Sheesh.

Well, today I made a socialjournal, a kind of wannabe livejournal dealy. But hey, it's free, so it works.

I don't know if I'm going to keep it or not. It expires in 6 months, so we'll see. But I'll still post in here from time to time. I'm thinking about going on to version 6 and changing the layout to something snowy X).

Icky. Note to self: Popcorn kernels in-between teeth should be taken out ASAP.

Anyways, time for surveys from!

Just put the color you think of when you hear or see these things
x. rock:gray
x. food:brown [i think of chicken]
x. cat:orange
x. hair:brown
x. shoes:black
x. table:wood-colored
x. halloween:orange
x. nail polish:red
x. paper:white
x. lamp:tan
x. calendar:white
x. hoodie:red
x. jeans:blue
x. bells:yellow
x. flag:red, white, and blue
x. eggs:yellow and clear
x. Alkaline Trio:do wha wha? uh... black?
x. best friend:asian flesh-color, black
x. fish:orange-ish-yellow

Colors you associate brought to you by BZOINK!

Which one?
Soda or Pop?:soda
Red or Blue?:red
Friends or Enemies?:friends
Love or Hate?:love
Fun or Work?:fun
Fat or Thin?:fat
Short or Tall?:tall
1 or 2?:2
Pizza or Ice Cream?:ice cream
Chocolate or Vanilla?:chocolate
Car or Airplane?:airplane
Anime or Manga?:manga
TV or Radio?:tv

Which one? brought to you by BZOINK!

- About Yourself -
Nickname(s)::Jess, Ish, Phish, Ishy, Phishy, and the like
Hair Colour::natural: dark brown//dyed: red-auburn-ish
Eyes Colour::brown
Location::Sarasota, FL
- Favorite -
Band::Linkin Park or Switchfoot
Singer::don't know
Song::can't decide
Food::coffee, cheesecake, and chocolate
Novel::Holes by Louis Sachar
Subject in School::art
Teacher::tie between Ewell and Schertzer
Day of the week::maybe saturday
Board Game::scrabble
Cookie::white chocolate and macademia nuts
Ice Cream::cookies and cream OR chocolate cake with fudge icing swirl
Drink::root beer OR mountain dew
Animal::fox OR dragon
Person::you :P
Soup::new england clam chowder
CD::[out of the 6 that I own, lol] Creed - Weathered
AFI member::can't say that I can choose since I don't know them
Manga::don't know exactly what that is
- This or That -
Davey Havok or Jade Puget::i don't know
Water or Soda::water
IM or Phone::IM
Black or White::white
Black or Blue::blue
AFI or Evanescence::never heard AFI's stuff
Evanescence or KoRn::evanescence
KoRn or Slipknot::neither
Sing The Sorrow or Very Proud of Ya::no idea, never heard either of them
Pink or White::white
Crushed velvet or Candle wax::candle wax [I don't understand why those two are choices of the same question]
In person or phone::in person
13 or 15::15
Pencil or Pen::pen
Ice or fire::fire
Winter or summer::summer
Roses or tulips::roses
Tombstones or crosses::crosses
Blood or no blood::no blood

Open up, and throw me back in. brought to you by BZOINK!

is there full name?:Yvette A.[she would kill me if I put her middle name] Nguyen
nick name?:YEVETT - HAHAHAHA ;P
original hair color:black [or, dark dark dark brown]
year born:1988
fav. color:blue
fav.fruite:mango? don't know, never asked
fav. disney charcter:the ones from finding nemo? - lol
were they born:Sarasota, FL
do they go 2 skool at?:mine [Pine View]
do they wanna be?:anywhere but here
do they eat there pizza?:one bite at a time
wear there hair most of the time?:down

How Well DO YoU THiNK yOu No YeR BeSt FriEnd? brought to you by BZOINK!

is there full name?:Peter "Blade" Damon Juarez
nick name?:Blade
original hair color:black [or, dark dark dark brown]
year born:1988
fav. color:black, red, green
fav.fruite:don't know
fav. disney charcter:none?
were they born:Maine
do they go 2 skool at?:the one in Maine
do they wanna be?:not in Maine
do they eat there pizza?:biting, tearing, chewing, then swallowing
wear there hair most of the time?:spiked

How Well DO YoU THiNK yOu No YeR BeSt FriEnd? brought to you by BZOINK!

put the first word that comes to mind.
Socks:toe socks
Puppets:on my hands in Jamaica
Movies:the lord of the rings: return of the king
Wallet:made of duct tape
Roses:are red
Sex:after marriage
Beat:a drum
Murder:synonym for abortion
Teachers:need lives
Magic:doesn't happen
Report Cards:come out soon
Death:is everywhere
Cake:good, too
Hott:Mark [lol, Yvette]
You:whatcha want?

WORD ASSOCIATION~ brought to you by BZOINK!

Article of Clothing::pants
Color of the Sky::purple, orange, red, yellow
Drink::root beer or mountain dew
Thing to Do When You're Alone::sing, listen to music
Hug or Kiss::hug
Fireplace or Bonfire::bonfire
Bed or Couch::bed
Snow or Rain::snow
How Many
People Have You Hugged Today::none
People Have You Kissed::today: none // ever: i don't remember
Regrets Have You Had in the Past Week::too many
People Do You Feel Safe With::quite a few

Random brought to you by BZOINK!

Where are you?:my room
What is your name?:Jessica
How old are you?:15
Was your mom a lot lizard? (j/k):and I have no idea what that is
Do you like Co & Ca?:do wha now?
What about CoLd?:is that another secret code?
OR APC for that matter?:huh?
I could go on with I boring you yet?:no, just confusing me
sorry it first survey i will get better!
Do you have an LJ?:no, an SJ
What's your username?:ish
Finish this line....
Pull the Trigger.....:or else
You listen to reason....:only when you want to

SaRa's Randomness brought to you by BZOINK!

12/12/03 Procrastination
Are you in your pajamas right now?:nope
Are you supposed to be doing anything right now?:probably
If so, why arn't you doing it?:I'm procrastinating.
You should stop taking surveys and get something done.:Yeah, most likely.

Daily Questions #10 brought to you by BZOINK!

jess @ 12/20/2003 12:42:00 AM