ugh i don't feel good at all now

i just puked up my dinner 15 min ago and now i'm hungry, but i'm afraid to eat something cuz puking hurts >:'''''''[ and that dinner was the only thing i've eaten today :[


i'm really tired but my hunger is starting to override that :/

help me? *gives a weak puppy dog face*
jess @ 12/06/2003 10:34:00 PM

Today was pretty shabby.

I woke up this morning and I was kinda cold. I took a shower/bath deal, which only made me colder. I didn't feel so good when I woke up, so the shower only made it worse. In fact, I was shaking from being so cold. I went into my room and changed into some warm clothes as fast as I could, despite the fact that I was shivering so much. Then I put on a sweatshirt and put my hair up in the towel I was using, to dry my hair. I climbed into bed and curled up under my big fuzzy blanket, trying to get warm. I kind of slept, but not really - I would sleep for like 5 min and wake up again, that kind of deal - and did that for about 2 hours before my dad came into my room, wondering what I was still doing in bed at 3 pm. I told him I felt really cold and we kind of talked, with him at my door way and me under the think blanket, and so he eventually told me that 50% of body warmth is lost through the head. I still had my towel on and my hair was wet, so I finally gathered enough strength to fling the towel off my head. I went back to sleep, off and on again, but started feeling less cold. I woke up at like 4 pm and rolled out of bed 15 min later. I was light-headed and dizzy, probably cuz I got overheated under the blanket. The only part of my body that was still cold were my toes. It was akward. I staggered down the hall to the living room, where my dad was sitting the couch. I sat on the other end of it and kind of stared at the TV. I had a pounding headache and my eyes were sore and I was thirsty, but too weak to get up again. I asked my dad to get me some water. I told him about the headache and he got me some eggnog and ibuprofen, cuz I hadn't eaten anything yet. I took a short nap after I took the medicine and drank half the eggnog he gave me, and the headache was less noticeable. My joints were kind of aching, especially my hip and leg ones, but I was feeling better. Not as cold and not as hot. But I was still light-headed and weak. I sat down on one of the dining table chairs and my dad gave me some Cheerios by themselves when I told him I wanted them. So I ate those and I started getting less nauseous and light-headed. I was finally fully awake and almost regularly functioning at around 5 pm. So yeah, I had a weird day.

Geez, I wrote a lot about not feeling good. Mee-yergh.

I was supposed to make baklava today. I don't know if I will. It will take about 2 hours to make it, and I don't think I have the patience to make it at the moment, even though there isn't anything better to do.

Right now, I'm finishing up my D.A.T.A. online first time driver's course, so I can get my permit soon. Yay! I want to test on Thursday. This online thing is really stupid and easy. Most of it I know already, seeing as it's about drugs and alcohol ;P. No, actually, my psychology teacher talks a lot about those two things, plus I'm just smart like that. Haha. I haven't even been reading the material - most of which is just statistics. I've just been scrolling down to the bottom of the page where they have practice questions. I know all the answers. It's really quite pointless. *sigh* Oh well. Here's one of the questions: It is possible to have fun when you go out without the use of alcohol and other drugs. Haha. And it was a true/false question. Pshawzle.

I have a Christmas list going now :D. I also have and wish lists. Not that anyone will buy me anything from those. But my REAL Christmas list, my hand-written one, is pretty good. ;D I've got about, I don't know, 12 items on it so far - w00t! Lol. Maybe my mom or dad will see it soon :D. I'll probably "absent-mindedly" leave it somewhere conspicuous... hehehe. Last year, I didn't have a Christmas list cuz I didn't really know what I wanted, lol. Last year was really weird. Hmmberg.

This is a pretty long entry. I doubt anyone will read this today. I'm just really really bored, and this is probably the longest entry I've had in awhile, so hooray for me!

Maybe I'll add more later.

jess @ 12/06/2003 07:29:00 PM


w00t. Good news. My dad said I could probably get my own domain and host my own site instead of using this stupid thing. Yay. :D

Man, now I gotta learn more HTML...
jess @ 12/05/2003 06:15:00 PM

Murgh. So nmee. Bleh...

Yeah, that was VERY pointless, lol. I'm so bored.

I got home like 30 min ago. I have to ride the bus home from school this month. :'[ 3 FREAKIN' EXTRA HOURS OF BEING AT OR AROUND SCHOOL RELATED THINGS. Grrgh. I ride every school day except Thursdays. Margle.

I don't know why, but lately I've been making weird noises like that. Ish inshuresting... Tasha's been rubbing off on me quite a bit. But she likes to *meow* most. I haven't reached that level just quite yet. I'll probably get to *mrawr* instead. Yup.

I'm hungry. I don't want to go to TKD tonight. I went last night and it was my first class in the new building. And yes, it still had that new-building smell ;D. It just didn't have any AC, which was REALLY bad for me, cuz the instructors made us put on our sparring equipment for the entire class and I got overheated really quickly. Getting worn out and dizzy from 10 min of kicking exercises isn't too good. :/ If you haven't noticed already, I am REALLY out of shape - haha. Not that I care too much about that. I'll worry about it later.

As for now, I have to work on getting my PERMIT! That's right folks, I STILL haven't gotten it! Gergh. Me need permit! Me wanty! My goal is to get it by the end of this Sunday. Wait, are DMVs open Sundays? :/ We'll soon see... If not, I'll do it during the week. Or maybe I'll even be able to get it tomorrow! Unless, it's not opened on Saturdays either... Well, that's a bunch of crap if it isn't. Brawwwg.

I use a lot of 'G's when I make strange, random noises. Tee-hee. Haha. Yeah.

My dad really needs to fix my computer this weekend. It's been 2 weeks already without my piece of crap machinery. Poopy. I've beenusing my dad's and brother's computers lately, so it feels weird going to my usual sites. Mm, oh well.

One of the cool things about riding the bus and wasting more of my useless time is the kids on there. Some of them I know from last year when I rode the bus, and some of them I met Monday. Today, this one kid - don't know/care about his name and haven't bothered to ask - told us to solve a riddle and try to solve it over the weekend and give him an answer next Monday. It goes:

-- A man's lying dead on the floor. There are 52 bicycles in a circle around him. What was the cause of death? --

I have no idea how to figure that one out. *scratches head* Help me?

jess @ 12/05/2003 06:11:00 PM