yay! new chatbox! lol... now go sign it! };P
jess @ 10/25/2003 08:20:00 PM

by the way... where's my chatterbox? o.o

jess @ 10/25/2003 11:58:00 AM

i got hurt last night at a school social gathering, better known as the "homecoming" halloween dance, as they called it

there was a huge circle around the middle of the floor, so i wanted to see what was going on, and i remembered that some people set up these mini-bleacher type things... so i stood on the 3rd one, the top one, to see what was going on and right after i got on, these stupid 9th graders [they should all die - except my brother ;P] got on right after me and the whole thing buckled out below us and my right foot got caught in the mini bleachers... i was the ONLY ONE who got hurt... yeah, so i didn't do anything at the "dance"... then like 30 min. after it happened to me, the bleachers fell down again... hehe, i made an evil laugh cuz i thought someone else would feel my pain... yvette went over to see what happened and she came back and told me that NOBODY GOT HURT so i was sooooooo mad grrr... so NOT fair >:o

so now i have a huge lump of a bruise on my right foot, in the middle of my in-step, right above my arch... it's so big :/ it's like *measures with thumb* almost the entire length of my thumb :[[[[ or, in metric terms, 4 cm or 1.5 inches

it's dark purpleish-gray... reminds me of artificially-grape-flavored-italian sorbet lol

i'm hungry... it's 11.50, and i woke up at like 10.40... mommy is probably making ramen for me ^_^ yay!!!! hmm... one of these days, i'm using chopsticks to eat all my ramen...


i talked to kayla today :D she's a cool kid... we talked about stuff she put in her lj and such... it was interesting

dude, courtney IMed me with the s/n bipolar---man, and i immediately thought it was anthony at first XD she was using a bright pink as her background and bright green for font, so it hurt my eyes and i stopped talking to her XB so our convo just kinda died

i gave my bamboo plant some invisible water today! actually, i had a jar by my computer on the desk, and i saw my bamboo plant and how bad it looked, so i took the jar and acted like it had water in it - which i kind of figured out earlier that it didn't - and poured it in to the plant's cup lol... maybe i should put it in a bigger container, so i don't have to give it water everyday and it won't die out like it is right now... :/

last night i wore my tae kwon do uniform to the "homecoming" dance... i guess it's cursed, cuz whenever i wear it, i usually get hurt - feetwise... each of my ankles have suffered injuries, but not just when i'm wearing my tkd uniform... ever since i've been going to PV, i get hurt, no matter what, it never ceases to amaze me at how many times i can get hurt... i started going to PV in 7th grade, and it was my first year of P.E... i
and usually when i get hurt, my parents argue/fight/whatever, just like they are right now

*sigh* oh well, time for lunch!

jess @ 10/25/2003 11:57:00 AM