how do you like my magnificent chocolate layout? isn't it divine? LoL .>

anyhoo, I HAVE SUPER HERO HAIR! YAY!!!!!!! LoL i just dyed my hair and i love it! muahahaha let’s see Anthony try to copy me again ;P

anyhoo, on thursday, i went to tae kwon do... which was the first night that i went to the black belt club [sparring, etc. instead of just the main movements like in the basic club] i first partnered with my mom, and we were kick sparring, so i kicked my mom in the chest [we had padded protection on ;P] and her elbow was sticking out and went into my shin mhmmm yumm... but wait! that's not all! about 10 min. laster we changed partners and i was with one of the instructors and we were just free sparring [hand and feet] so we kicked at the same time with the same leg [the left ones] and our shins collided, leaving me with a nicely sore and bruised up left leg as a souvenir for the first class of black belt club... tasty, eh?

yesterday, my mom and i went to Publix to send in applications for my brother and i [to work there, derrrr]... we got back into the van and my mom had to go back in to copy papers, after we started arguing about getting some hair dye for me... she kept saying "you don't need to dye your hair every month!" and i kept telling her "I DON'T DYE IT EVERY MONTH THE LAST TIME I DYED IT WAS 4 MONTHS AGO" so then she went into the store, i was steamed, i kicked the windshield, it cracked nicely [didn't shatter, but that's evidence of my tae kwon do skillz ;P] and now i can't go to the Riverview Homecoming Dance tonight with yvette and friends :[ poopy

my dad told me that if i had kicked the windshield only like 1 or 2 inches away from where i did kick it, it wouldn't have cracked [thus, no evidence that i did anything!] but since i kicked it where there was a speck of flawed glass in the windshield, it did in fact crack and so i have to 'learn how to control my temper' and stay home tonight... bummer :[

so i have my hair dyed, but no one to show it off to... yvette is going to be the first on to see it though, because her brother is going to pick me up and we're all going to go to see her get her hair done... she's mad at me cuz i can't go to the dance... oh well... *sigh* i guess i'll just have to wait for the Pine View Homecoming Dance *cough-hahahahhahahahahha-cough* [PV is my school] it's the first annual homecoming dance, ironic since we don't have official high school teams that would be coming to their home turf anyways! LoL my school ranges from grades 2 to 12 so i guess the lack of sports is supposed to be summed up and solved by this and all other future 'homecoming' dances

hmm... i miss Blade... he hasn't been online for a few days now... i don't think i've talked to him since wednesday afternoon... he made a few more screennames, so now i have to, too... i only have 52! lol he has clones so he probably has... hmm... oh, let's just round it to about... 500 buh-gi-zillion?!?!? lol

my internet went out around 2pm today and so i started working on some more computer art... colored in some of my contour pixeled drawings... they're coming along quite nicely :D i wish i could find a way to post them on here, or at least upload them to a free server :/ oh well, maybe later i'll upgrade to blogger plus or whatever it's called... where you can actually upload pics and stuff... so that'll be cool... as for now, i'll stay cheap and not able to afford anything and stick with the freebies ;D

w00t longest entry in awhile LoL
jess @ 10/11/2003 04:14:00 PM


wtw---90 (10:13:12 PM): anal hair?
tHe isH in pHisH (10:13:21 PM): your face is anal hair?
tHe isH in pHisH (10:13:22 PM): say what?
tHe isH in pHisH (10:13:22 PM): lol
wtw---90 (10:13:27 PM): how did you know

Xgam---288 (10:41:39 PM): yes. can you go off a ramp on a jetski?
Xgam---288 (10:41:46 PM): Like is that possible.
tHe isH in pHisH (10:41:53 PM): yeah i would think so
tHe isH in pHisH (10:42:01 PM): waterskiiers do it
Xgam---288 (10:42:10 PM): sweet.
Xgam---288 (10:43:06 PM): That'd be fun to try.
tHe isH in pHisH (10:43:28 PM): yeah, unless you do it wrong and die
tHe isH in pHisH (10:43:31 PM): wouldn't that be pleasant?
Xgam---288 (10:43:55 PM): Lol. I'd be funny on camera.
Xgam---288 (10:44:07 PM): I don't think u'd die though
tHe isH in pHisH (10:44:41 PM): you could... but that's if you're like the most stupid person ever and don't know how to do anything
Xgam---288 (10:45:06 PM): LOLOL. thats right up my alley

jess @ 10/07/2003 10:29:00 PM