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jess @ 8/29/2003 05:39:00 PM


i've decided to start a game... i'll post a fragment of a song each day, or every other day [or whenever i post the next one :P], and if you're the first person to IM me [aim: theishinphish] with the correct title [verbatim], album name, and band//singer with lead singer's name, you'll get 10 points. the first person to reach 500 points will get a piece of custom-made, personalized [practically anything you want!] please allow for at least 1 week to receive prize] web art made by me [please allow for at least 1 week to receive prize]... after that, we can just play the game for the fun of it, and see how high we can get! i may set a goal for when the game should end...

here are the first lyrics to begin the game! ::

" i just want to sit around your life and breathe your air "

jess @ 8/28/2003 11:00:00 PM