got back from camp yday

for the most part, camp was pretty nifty

my voice is raspy, can't sing, it sucks

typing is boring

just went on one of those annoying sites with all those pop-ups and all that crap hahaha

i might make one like that... i saved the link in my aim profile so when i'm bored and "i have enough free time" i'll make a site like that *muahahhaha*

mmm mark just IMed me back from when he unexpectedly went on his away message... we talked so much stuff today... i told him about church camp and about the Lord and how i prayed for Blade... and how to approach friends and witness to them... awesome stuff... now we're kinda talking about kirby lol

at camp, my team sucked so that's why camp wasn't all too exhilarating for me like that

now we're talking about video games

heh heh... i <3 that kid... i'm talkinga bout mark, just so ya know

he's just a really really good close friend and we can talk spiritually so it's great to have that with him

soon, maybe, me and blade can talk spiritually too... when the time comes...

mmm i'll add more later

being mellow really takes a toll on typing :P

jess @ 6/21/2003 04:26:00 PM