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How random are you?

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^- muahahahahhaahahhaha! and... DEFINE 'NORMAL'!!!

Which flock do you follow?

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^- awesomeness

Nope, you don't have a drop of english blood in your body. In fact, you're probably American ;) Y'know that little island next to France? Y'know...Europe? No? Ohwell. We love you really - have a cucumber sandwich!

How British are you?

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^- XD word dawg :P actually... im half korean... o.O

Do you cluck or do you roar?

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^- nifty nifty... word [again] lol

you have an ominosity quotient of
you are really ominous.

find out your ominosity quotient.

^- o.o; whats ominous mean? :-/

What Is Your Animal Personality?

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^- O.o wha????

You're a modern/pop artist. You have the ability to
turn your problems into bright, colorful works
of art. People like being around you because
you make them smile. Kudos!

What type of artist are you?
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^- woo! lol

How DUMB are you?

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^- ty, ty, i knew it all along :D

How ASIAN are you?

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^- sounds about right lol

How WHITE are you?

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^- aaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahhaahahahahha *falls over laughing*

How FAT are you?

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^- actually, i cant see my toes... my boobs are in the way! XD

What lesser-known Simpsons character are you?

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^- mhm... o.O

How BLACK are you?

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^- cracka please! XD

How MEXICAN are you?

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^- OLE!

Are you RACIST?

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^- durn tootin! haha!

What cartoon dog are you?

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^- uhhhhhh... yeeeeeeeeeeah

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You are Trinity-
You are Trinity, from "The Matrix."
Strong, beautiful- you epitomize the ultimate

What Matrix Persona Are You?
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^- haha! just what i wanted! woo! with blade as my neo! lol

speaking of blade... *looks at buddy list* nope, still no sign of him... i better send him an email before i sign off for the day... guess ill just have to wait til tomoro to talk to him... i miss him... and i hope he feels better... poor guy... i love him... *sigh*

jess @ 6/04/2003 05:06:00 PM

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ok, theres a kid i met awhile ago, barely ever talk to him, but i have this thing where i look at everybodys profiles when im bored, so today im lookin at his profile and subprofile and everything, while im waiting for blade to come online - which he hasnt yet - and im reading and im thinking... dude... this kid... is so frickin shallow! i mean, seriously, on his subprofile he puts a list of "what every guy looks for in a girl" and im reading this stupid list of crap and im like... OMFRICKINGEEZUS that is the last straw! that kid is absurd! what a loser! he puts so much shiz about how a girl should be all superficial cuz guys like that - at least he does - and he puts such high standards for girls he likes, when he know she cant get those girls, considering that hes not all that great himself, i mean hes a cool guy as for his personality and all but he is just so shallow and everything MY GAWD it burns me up inside to think that hes like that... ugh the next time - if i ever do - talk or see him... ill give him one fat azz piece of my aggravated mind! look at his list for yourself... and i quote:

The List the things every guy look in for a girl....
1. Girly
2. Girl
3. Wears tight clothes
4. wears sandals
5. Wears non goth stuff
6. Hot
7. Blonde
8. Sexy purses....ha ha ha ***** has a ugly one a sexy one is one that all the hot girls
9. Question? Where is here panties? A girls who keeps them covered at all times...just omething odd
10. No ugly zits!
11. Has actuall boobs.,.

and keep in mind, this is on his subprofile, where the only colors he uses are PINK, GREEN, AND BLACK... of all things for a guy to use... PINK... hes got like a fetish or something going on there... ugh *shudders* and where the asterisks (*'s) are in his list, i assume thats the girl that he likes and hasnt yet asked out... what a wuss -haha :x... tell me what u think... im not tryin to drag him down or anythin... but it just pisses me off to think that he thinks that all guys think this way... what do u think?

now on to more pleasant news... IM GOING TO CAMP IN 2 WEEKS! :D im so excited... its gonna be sooooooooooo fun... sometimes this week or next week i have to go to the beach and get me a TAN! and i need to go shopping... ooh this is gonna be so fun!!!!!!!! lol im just a tad excited

blade STILL hasnt come on and its 410 [pm] already... maybe hes at the doctors still? he sent me an email earlier today [at like 1130 am] and said he had to go to the doctors again... he couldnt hear out of his [right(?)] ear and his throat was irritating him :-/ i really hope he pulls through... i want him to come visit me!!!! ^_^ thats gonna be so awesome when he comes down here :D but we still gotta make plans for how were gonna meet, how hes gonna be accomadated, yadda yadda yadda... hopefully he'll recover soon... they think he might have mono or somethin XD thats kinda funny to think about... its like... now, exactly HOW did you contract that? huh? HUH?! HUH?!?!

this mornin some bug guy came to the house to kill some bugs- woo! and right after he left i saw a huge azz cockroach *shivers* crawling up my dresser in my room -.- i got my bro to kill it and get rid of it XD it was a HUGE cockroach! i mean seriously! it was like 6 INCHES LONNNNNNNNG here people! geezus it scared me... pretty soon we wont have anymore... i hopes :-/

jess @ 6/04/2003 04:20:00 PM


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wow... on, i just read the 2nd most recent article about Neo being the 5th One, and everythin... then i read the comments box and i kinda typed a reply and when i hit the "SAVE" button, the server screwed up... and i dunno why... but heres what i put:

Wow. What a mind-blowing, aggressive, manipulating little conversaton we have going on here? Haha. As for dataless' reply to the "just a movie" comment, it IS just a movie, a very good one at that. My brain has most definitely been exercised this afternoon, by just reading all these comments. And who knows? Maybe we are actually IN a so-called "Matrix"? What if we're all interconnected through little tubs of fluid sustaining our bodies only for the energy usage for the artifically intelligent programs and machines? That brings up another question I've been wondering about: How did the machines actually "grow", as Morpheus put it, the humans? Perhaps they used embryotic development, or cloning? But how? It seemed to me that most of the "Earth's" resources had been destroyed, due to the atmosphere being scorched and blocking the sun out. After all, the energy we maintain first and foremost comes from the sun. Maybe the A.I. learned to go to other planets and use the resources from them? That would mean that the humans had to teach the machines how to go into space, actually putting the movie's setting far into the future. But this is merely just suggestions, which are kinda out of context for the movie. Back to the growing of humans: maybe they used energy to make more humans? But the question still remains: how? I believe this to be one of the flaws in the complex plots of this movie. Oh, and please pardon my ramblings.

XD i rambled on so much :x and yeah, i actually typed neatly, cuz i can and cuz most of the other people in there were... plus it made it easier to read and i wasnt in a rush to send it... its kinda mind blowing to actually think about all that... and the cause-and-effect idea mentioned in the movie just added to my ramblings... because i started thinking about what and how the machines made the humans, from what, how they learned it, what the humans taught the machines, yadda yadda yadda and all that, ya kno? lol as u may expect, i like the 'matrixessays' site and i think im gonna visit it more often

my arms hurt... from swimming at TMs house yday... we were gonna go to the beach but decided to splash around in his pool instead... there were so many people in the pool lol there was like 15 people in it... fun day, fun day... TM and his cousins tried to teach me how to play Halo... i kinda understood it, but i quit playing it when they started playing against each other in teams lol i was practically a sitting duck so i just gave up... when igot home i took a shower and lots a contact in the tub -.- so today im gonna go to the vision center at walmart after my dad brings my mom home and we'll see what the people there can do... plus i need to get my 1 week check up on my contacts... i think i was supposed to have one?

earlier today i made a new page for pics [of me, friends, and sable my dog] it took me like an hour to edit it all just the way i wanted it... i even made the striped background myself :D

im gonna go watch TV now cuz im bored and blade isnt on... well, not many people are on anyways, so -chow-
jess @ 6/02/2003 02:07:00 PM