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so... how do ya like my new blog layout? ^^ i like it i like it a lot :P i might change the greens to orange soon tho :-/ i dunno, but im liking orange more... eh i always change my fav colors... but i love the khaki-ness... its a nice clean layout ^^ i got it from blogskins and edited it how i wanted it :D looks much more personalized that way

NO MORE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well, for 3 months at least :D geezus i cant believe that school is over already... it barely feels like summer vaca. but once i get to the beach it will and when i get my body all tanned again woo!

hmm... i should call my "boss" and tell i wont be workin sunday... or the sunday after that... or any sundays anymore- yup thats right, IM QUITTING! :D ill prolly get some babysitting jobs going on instead for the summer like my dad suggested- lil kids are always fun to take care of... unless theyre at most 3 yrs old x_x those are a pain in the arsenick :-/

tomoro im goin to englewood to go fishin with my pawpaw in his boat :D i like fishin.. its so relaxing... and ill get some sun in my skin that way too... then saturday [tomoro] nite im goin bowling with yvette and other people for a graduation party that vette's bro is having.. and then sunday im gonna go to sunday school- im not gonna try to go, i will go! i will i will i will! i need to go too... i hafto get my brochures for jamaica :D and then after church and everything, TM is having his birthday party down near lido key... imma busy woman already! lol ill prolly go to the beach sometime by next weekend... i really really want my tan >.< which i so badly need... *looks at legs* ahhhh! the paleness! the paleness!

going to camp and then to jamaica will also help with me getting tan :D geezus why am i so happy today? mmm... maybe cuz im at home and not at school? WOO! XD im a dork :x

after i got done doin stuff to my stupid blog layout, i got bored and started lookin at random people's blogs... i found an awesome one too- about the matrix- so blade i kno will like it ;-) lol:

The Matrix: ReSeussed

by Tom

(If "The Matrix: Reloaded" had been written by Dr. Seuss)


NEO: I am the One and I am free.

The Oracle is fond of me.

I need that dude who makes the key.

MEROVINGIAN: You only dream that you are free,

Look all around -- causality:

It's in the wine, it's in the steak,

It's in this chocolate cake I bake.

See yonder blonde? She sure looks fine.

One bite of cake, and she'll be mine.

Then in the restroom where we're meeting,

You can guess what she'll be eating.

So, goodbye.

NEO: But I am free,

And he is not the boss of me!

PERSEPHONE: He is a pig, she is a whore,

I've seen this scene twelve times before.

The tricks he's pulled, the lies he's said --

I'll shoot his werewolf in the head!

I'll fix him good for being sly;

I'll give you the key maker guy.

But first, a kiss to seal the deal;

Just make me feel that it's for real.

NEO: This bargain does have some appeal . . .

OK, a kiss, and now we're through.

PERSEPHONE: I'm very cute, curvaceous too,

Is that the best that you can do?

It must be true, the things they say --

The tabloid stories that you're . . .

NEO: Hey!

Let's try again, you are a hottie.

Here's a kiss that's really naughty.

(Trinity will hate this night.

She'll bring it up each time we fight.)

PERSEPHONE: Now, that was better, way to go!

I feel a tingle, head to toe.

Let's have another.

TRINITY: Back off, ho!

Or taste a bullet from my gun.

PERSEPHONE: Too bad you're with her, she's no fun.

Well, come with me, we won't get caught.

I'll let you in my secret spot:

A steamy, dark place down below,

A tunnel deep in my chateau.

MORPHEUS: Could this be symbolism?


PERSEPHONE: Come through this door and take a peek.

This little guy is the locksmith geek.

KEYMAKER: I've got the keys to every lock.

I jingle-jangle when I walk!

NEO: And can you get me to the Source?

KEYMAKER: I have that key. Of course! Of course!

I'm on your side, just don't take me

Through airport gate security.

(First published at This poem may be freely reproduced if it is unchanged and this notice is included.)

^- isnt that great?! lol

ok well ill put more later cuz im tired of staring at this stupid screen [well, at my fingers typing] and my fingers are gettin tired and i need to put my contacts in anyways- thats right, i have contacts now! :D - bbs

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^- woo!? im not much of a car person >.> lol o well

jess @ 5/30/2003 12:08:00 PM