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wow, its been awhile.. dontcha think? woo! restrictions are almost over! at least, school is almost over which means summers almost here and parents wont be home as much and i can be on the puter more :D lol hmm... lets see... its been about... 20 days since i last had an entry... o.o woooowzerz XD i sound like inspector gadget! :P mmm... im bored... im talkin to blade n yvette... on aim express... [on diff im windows- derrr]

Church camp:June 15 to 20, 2003 // Jamaica: July 16 to 28, 2003

ok its quiz time! [yes, again :P]

Arial - You're pretty normal. That's certainly not
a bad thing, as a lot of people like you.

What Font Are You? (Standard Fonts)
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^- mmm... DEFINE 'NORMAL'

You're The Road Not Taken!
You are The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost.

You're an individual, though you may not think of
yourself that way. You make your own decisions,
usually after much thought, and maybe you
regret a few. But in the end, you know it's
those decisions that define you.

Which poem are you?
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^- sounds familiar? not really but yeah :-/

Your Soul Is Blue.

What Color Is Your Soul?
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^- *just smiles n nods* uh huuuuuuh...

I am the Dandy

Most of us feel trapped within the limited roles that the world expects us to play. We are instantly attracted to those who are more fluid that we are - those who create their own persona. Dandies excite us because they cannot be categorized, and hint at a freedom we want for ourselves. They play with masculinity and femininity; they fashion their own physical image, which is always startling. Use the power of the Dandy to create an ambiguous, alluring presence that stirs repressed desires.

Symbol: The Orchid. Its shape and colour oddly suggest both sexes, its odour is sweet and decadent - it is a tropical flower of evil. Delicate and highly cultivated, it is prized for its rarity; it is unlike any other flower.

What Type of Seducer are You?
created by polite_society

^- o.o wow *rubs eyes and blinks unbelieveably*

You should be a Libra, your generous, realistic,
and charming, but you can be dependent,
distant, and materialistic.

~*What is your TRUE Zodica sign?*~(WITH NEW PIC'S!!!)
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^- heh, sounds bout right

ok thats it for tonight, ill definitely add more later :D

jess @ 5/23/2003 05:40:00 PM