mood: refreshed

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im still a lil sick i still have to blow my nose and stuff... too much mucus... WOO! JACK HANDEY ON SNL! o that one sucked... somethin bout baby traps... w/e... anyhoo... yeah im online.. been on since 430 but blade hasnt // isnt *sigh* i havent talked to him since thurs nite and i had to sign off really quickly cuz i was on my bros puter and my dad came in and hes like A HA! CAUGHT YA! so yeah i kinda got in trouble but not really... right now im on cuz dads at a surprise birthday party for his boss' wife... shes pretty... they had an awesome wedding... and a great cheesecake wedding cake *drools* im so gettin on elike that for my wedding cake :D well i should be goin and doin my newsfolio for johnston... yeah i just signed off aim express... kinda gets annoying... i miss my blade-un =[ hes prolly out doin somethin... maybe chores... eh... i wanna talk to him but o well... time to research for more articles

jess @ 5/03/2003 04:59:00 PM


mood: not as sick but still a lil ill // too hot in this stupid house -.-

moozik: inside out - eve 6

well i went to school today and had 2 major coughin fits :D go me! 1st during tweedie [4th pd] and 2nd at like 4.10 [pm] when i was outside waiting for the bus to come and get us at school [it was late- again] and you wouldnt believe how many times i blew my nose today... cant actually believe how much mucus one person can produce! haha well right now im supposed to be lookin for another news article [for tweedie- ha shes such a cool teacher but also a ditz :P so easy to pass her class] at first i had one bout endangered animals and such but 15 min ago i realized that the date the article was made was in october 2002... makes i no good cuz hmmm lets see... i think its over 2 months old!!! geezus... cant ever get a good news article these days... and i really need to find a book for my extra credit book review in johnston :-/ boy i sure do need to work on my studying skills heh heh *cough* heh- yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah- woo! just found a good news article! its about..... 3 pages long :P no actually its about fruit flies which gives me an extra credit news article because it pertains to the chapter we're studying :D *clears thoat* ugh stupid throat... gets so irritated so easily now... anyhoo... hmm... i should stop soon considering its 6.30 [pm] and my dad will be home any minute to catch me typing about my life on the internet and publishing//posting it online for all the world to see :D lovely isnt it? eh who cares its just me haha and i would go on AIM [express -.-] to talk to blade :-/ and to apologize to mark for leaving so abruptly but chances are that right when i sign on my dad'll come thru the front door and catch me and i'll be in even deeper shiz so ill be going now to labor on my tedious school work // make up work... they should really do somethin bout child labor in schools...

jess @ 5/01/2003 06:35:00 PM


mood: sick ._.

moozik: somewhere i belong - linkin park // my own worst enemy - lit // innocent - our lady peace

ugh i hate being sick >.< at least i got to miss school today :D but my nose bugs me so much so its kinda not worth it... mom keeps buggin me to take meds and eat food and stuff... my throat is also sore and stuff but i think im feelin better than i did yday at least... or maybe its just the drugs... o well w/e it is its kinda helping... i miss blade =[ im on my brbos puter so its most likely that its gonna freeze just as soon as he gets on haha prolly... or itll freeze right in the middle of my blogging... blah... sometimes i think my bro has the crappiest keyboard in the house... its too sensitive and makes me get so many typos and kinda makes me mad cuz it wastes time... and now my nose is running... great... *insert series of nose blowing into tissues* ugh i hope i get better... and cramps dont help that much... gives my a headache and its just so much bs.... this is the first time this yr i have gotten sick... *sigh* o well at least its another day for me to finish the stupid book for english: Night its about a jewish guy retelling the horrors of how his family went thru the nazi concentration camps during the holocaust... most of the story is placecd in germany but i think they originally lived in polad... well ive only read half the story and i was supposed to read the other half over the weekend- which i obviously didnt- but i couldnt cuz i was so busy this weekend... heh u could say i practically stayed at my chuhrch all weekend... we did a lot... friday at 6 pm to saturday at 7 pm was the faith famine [30 HOURS without food- we had to stop eating by 1130-... dunno how i did it but i did and i was the 5th to last person voted off :D- at chuhurch it was set up kinda like survivor but it was guys vs girls and guys won by 1000 measily POINTS! gah... we went to lone star at the end of the thing and guys, ,the winners, ate steak while the girls were supposed to eat rice but youth pastor felt sorry for us and bought us cheeseburgers or chicken tenders- all from the youth ministry budget lol] then on sunday i went to sunday school and the church service, then off to work, then came back to church at like 530 and went to the beach for sunday night service... got home at like 9... so yeah... busy busy busy me... and now im sick ._. my lower back hurts now too :-/ STUPID CRAMPS! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate being a girl -.- i think im just a tad pessimistic today

jess @ 4/29/2003 01:09:00 PM