moozik: my own worst enemy - lit

mood: mellow

thinking: so... hongray...

im so hongray! >.< i havent eaten anything at all today >.< ugh stomach hurts... no food in house.. i hope we go out to eat soon... and i wanna talk to Blade >.< him and his stupid chores... o well i can wait a lil longer i suppose? the only thing ive consumed today is about 12 oz of cappuccino [hehe] it made me get soooooo hyper muahahaha u shoulda seen me XD i was laughin every 5 seconds at, well, nothin basically and now im kinda mellow.. so hongray!!! >.< RAWR! I WANNA BITE SOMETHING LIKE MY MOM O_o but she stinks.. very bad... she was at the shop today... so i assume thats how she got her uh... fragrance... >.o nathy... hope it isnt as bad when i hafta go into the shop tomoro to work.. i dun wanna go to work! blah... at least i get money from it.. woo i have $250.72 :D dun tell my mom tho... gah, she wants me to go to the bank ._. then ill be poor but ill "collect interest" *rolls eyes* i dont WANT interest... i want my MONEY! so i can SPEND it... thats what its for... i can save money when i get a better job and get a car then... if i can get at least $5k then ill be just fine cuz my dad will gimme $5k for the other half of the payment of the car... hes like "if u can make that much money, i can make it much more easily" he better... or else ill just... blah... so hongray >.< and my hair is wet.. maybe i should mousse it up again XD but i need a camera too *sigh* i need - *cough* want *cough* - so many things... im so greedy... but at least i have enuff money to do that! heh today i explained to brian what oompa loompas were XD kinda disappointing to see that he never heard of willy wonka and the chocolate factory... i told him bout that... how the oompa loompas came to be, and how they got to work in the chocolate factory with wonka, why and when they sang their lil moral songs... i even showed him the lyrics to their song! woo! go me! lol well.. im listenin to matchbox 20 - disease... i like unwell better but i still think matchbox 20 is purdy good... o well my dads out of the shower now and i guess i should get ready to go out to eat... or at least wait for blade to come online... and draw in adobe til he does... ill prolly have an hour more cuz my mom MUST take a shower o_O or else i will totally puke when we go out *shudders* ta ta for now

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jess @ 3/29/2003 06:54:00 PM


Love is like peeing on yourself, evryone can see it but only you can feel its warmth

^- laugh-my-friggin-arse-off XD!!!!! that has gotta be the best love quote i have ever read!!!!

wow... its amazing to see how many quizzes i can take and how many there are XD


How would you KILL AVRIL?!!!! 2
brought to you by Quizilla

^- durn straight!

YOu are stubborn as a mule, and you don't like
being proven wrong

What is your personality weakness?
brought to you by Quizilla

^- i am? O:]

you smell like butt
congratulations. you are the "you smell like
butt" bunny. your brutally honest and
always say whats on your mind.

which happy bunny are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

^- ok ok so i cheated to get the you smell like butt bunny XD... but its the truth!!!

Mouse Trap

What is your inner board game?
brought to you by Quizilla

^- i never played that b4... o.O

You have an entrancing kiss~ the kind that leaves
your partner bedazzled and maybe even feeling
he/she is dreaming. Quite effective; the kiss
that never lessens and always blows your
partner away like the first time.

What kind of kiss are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

^- blade should kno ;D lol

Your.... New York! The Partying place to be! You
almost NEVER sleep cause your out partying at
the hottest club or your buying the latest
computer game or dress.

Which state are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

^- woo hoo!

Brown Eyes

What Color Eyes Should You Have?
brought to you by Quizilla

^- heh... heh... O:] that quiz sucked... i already knew i have brown eyes :P

^- ok... peach... is nasty... O.o

Sun Goddess
Goddess of the Sun and there's no doubt that you
have a bright and cheery exterior!

What element would you rein over? (For Girls)
brought to you by Quizilla

^- woo! [stupid anime...]

^- hehehehe... eeeeeeeeeeeeexcellent...

Which PPG are you?

^- lmao! if only i had a head... but at least im sexy XD

What Pattern Are You?

^- no wonder i like plaid :P

See which Greek Goddess you are.

^- hehe... that pic is kinda scary tho o_O ... HEY! STOP LOOKIN!

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jess @ 3/28/2003 04:48:00 PM


moodness: good enough // a tad amused
songness: crawling in the dark - hoobastank

thinking: i don't like the word 'cute' // hoobastank is good at writing lyrics

wow... i just went thru a good 10 minutes of editing and re-editing my newest pic lol... just so i could show it to joey :P he said i looked cute >.o and he liked my earrings :D muahahaha hookey earrings! blah... anyhoo... i twitched when he said 'cute' and tried to ignore it and accept his compliment like a good lil girl... ooh lifehouse just came on the radio :D i guess you could say im happy but *shrugs* eh... ive run out of things to say... blah... stupid brain... not supposed to be used during spring break... ooh, which reminds me, tomoro is friday [shush u :P] and my SB is almost over :'[ hopefully i can get my mom to take me to the beach and i can get a tan with yvette and morgan... lol... me and my fatness in my bikini... shush blade, i am too fat :P ok not fat, pudgey? nah, chunky? uh uh... ok well, lets just say i have pudge on my stomach lol hopefully i can get rid of it with all the push-ups and sit-ups we hafta do in tkd x_X speaking of which, i nearly fainted in tkd class today -_- i was barely breathing thru my mouth and my throat got all dry and i was getting dizzy but somehow i managed to get my exhausted butt thru the end of class and out that building to the van... i just barely got to open the door, then i just collapsed onto the backseat... i was totally out of it... tears were running down my cheek, dunno why but prolly cuz i was just feelin sorry for my pitiful, pathetic self... anyways, we got home and it took me 5 min to force myself to sit up... where i took my tkd belt and threw it around the front passenger seat and held onto the belt to pull myself up... then i had to shuffle to the door and when i got into the house i collapsed again onto the couch this time... 5 mins pass... i mumble to my mom to get me some water... 5 mins more... i ask her again... then she finally gives me the water and im sittin on the floor beside the couch and when he hands me the glass, i practically drop it on the tile floor... splashed some on me... didnt care... 2 mins later i go to my room and get on the puter and tell blade bout my exhaustion and stuff... i love him so much... he said earlier like at 9 that he was bored... and frustrated... i asked if he was mad at me, he said no, just frustrated... im like, what did i do? O.o;; then i ask him was it cuz i was being so quiet before? and hes like 'iono lol' somethin like that... he somehow seems to manage a "lol" somewhere in there whenever im being serious... o well, thats just him so neh... but i felt kinda bad cuz he was frustrated with me.. and i think it was cuz he was thinkin bout the guys in the chat, who, for the majority, flirt with me, despite their knowledge of my "marriage" to blade... poor guy :-/ well, now he knows how i felt when he told me that laura "gave him a lapdance" lauras too slutty for her own human good... its kinda degrading... she gets me mad sometimes, and i dun care if she reads this, ive told it to her b4 *shrugs* but o well... next time the guys try to hit on me or anythin, theyre goin down... im tryin to tell them nicely, but sometimes they just dont get it... i think wes does... he was actin ok tonite... w/e im goin to bed now -nite-

jess @ 3/27/2003 11:59:00 PM

moodness: happy :D

songness: island in the sun - ``\\ //\\ //`` weezer

yay! my quiz pics are working again! woo! stupid servers :P i woke up at like 1030 to the sound of gunshots and blaring music from my bros puter XD i was like... OK! OK! IM UP! ILL LISTEN TO THE STUPID MUSIC! GEESH! O:] anyhoo... Blade just signed off cuz he was kinda late to class o.o;;;;; i hope he doesnt get in trouble :/ i love him soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mucho lol... he always finds a way to make me coo XD GO HOPELESS ROMANTICS! hehe... *sigh* he told me.. he was so happy that he met me.. and i woulda seriously went to putty if he were here right now... which i wish he was.. but for now, he cant be, which sucks... and im hungry so imma make myself a sammich :D muahaha i eat so many of those now XD but theyre so addicting... just like bubbles...O:]

jess @ 3/27/2003 11:33:00 AM

moodness:tired // blah

*rubs eyes and blinks* its 640 >_< >_o o_< o_o i cant believe i actually got myself to wake up this early XD now im talkin to Blade ^^ and i wont be surprised if i become blind from the screen... *sigh* at least i get to talk to my hun :D im woke... im wok-*zzZZzz* *shakes head* im ooooook o.- <- kinda looks like a pirate with an eye patch... ARGH MATEY!!! GIT OFF ME P-EYE-RATE SHEEP! MUAHAHAHA! hehe i cant think of anythin else to write about ._. o well i can just ramble on u would like that wouldnt ya? :P just smile n nod, just smile n poo, he just signed off cuz he had to go for school... and its only 650... ._. at least i got to talk to him for 20 min ^^ i think im too optimistic for my own good sometimes XD well now thats hes gone i can go to bed... err.. that didnt sound the way i wanted it to... let me... uh... rephrase... uhm... now that hes going... to school... i can go back... to sleep... and dream of him? yeah! thats it! lol im ooooooooooook not really but yeah... me+add+more+here=soon

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jess @ 3/27/2003 06:46:00 AM


dontcha just love my new blogskin? ;D hehe... and blah, for some reason, the pics from my quizzes arent showing up :[ *sigh* well its WHAT?! 1030 ALREADY?!?! o my geezus lol... well, blade just signed off... i miss him already... we were talkin bout how we would meet each other... stupid family... too many restrictions.. well, we talked alot tonite, im glad we did ^^ and i hope he isnt as depressed now as he was earlier :\ i love him so much ^^; im so happy that i can be able to talk to him... if i didnt get my daily dose of blade, id atroph [waste away] lol its a vocab word :P i have so many things i wanna write down, but everytime i come to BLOGGER then i tend to forget what i wanna talk bout or if i did then the whole world would kno and i have some personal things or usually, it would just take forever for me to completely rack my mind of every thought i wanna put in here... so, i wont... but ill put random stuff in here.. just a few things i think about... i love my paperclip jewelry :D i have a necklace and a bracelet out of ordinary ones, and im making some more with the colored ones, big and small sizes ;P lol... i love having all my jewelry crap, it makes me feel so... crafty? haha i dont think thats exactly the word for it but eh w/e woo! go me im typing without looking at my keyboard lol im so weird... nah, just bored, and im gonna make myself go to bed at 11 tonite so i can actually get up early at 630ish and stay up long enuff to get on the puter and talk to blade my sweeti ^^ hehe im so childish sometimes :P o well sometimes i wish i was 5 yr olds... ah yes, ignorant bliss... i need more of it.. i love my bubbles lol... im so easily amused.. and easily distracted... my wrists hurt... stupid keyboard desk >:O DIE!!!!!! im.... ok..... woo lol tonite i went to church and it was quite fun :D we played this game, i guess u can call it Eternal Destination... ooh, spiffy, neh? well lol what we had to do is make power bands, leather string bracelets with 6 beads on them... the beads were: black, red, white, blue, green, and gold]... ur supposed to make the bracelet so that the beads are in that order and had 2 double-knotted knots on either side of them... the 1st knot, the one by the black bead, represents your Birth, when God gives us life abundantly, then comes the black bead, which is for sin, which separates us from God eternally, then is the red bead, for Jesus' blood which was shed so that we could be saved, then white for forgiveness and cleansing of our sins, and blue is for baptism, which is what u do to represent ur new life as a Christian, the emergence as a Believer, then the green bead for growth in Christianity and knowledge of the Bible, then the gold bead for the streets of gold in Heaven where u shall go when u die, if u r saved when u die, and then the last knot, which represents assurance of knowing that u will go to Heaven, or when Judgement Day arrives and u have repented, then u can enter Heaven... ok, so we make the beads, then we had to memorize what the beads represented, then tell the verse that went with each bead... there were "angels" and "demons" walking around... and we had to go to an angel to recite our things to while the demons went around to distract and bother us... then, every few minutes we had to freeze and a recording of a deep booming staticky voice came on the speakers and it said how we "died" in the "Apocalypse" of the gym... we "died" according to our characterisitcs, like blonde hair or american eagle shirts or w/e, and there were 7 different times when people "died"... i was one of the last people to "die" lol but i went to Heaven, my bro went to Hell... the way it was decided if u go to either place was if u had a sticker or not... u had to go to an angel and if u got all of it recited correctly, u got a sticker, which let u go thru the door of Heaven when u died... but if u didnt have a sticker, they wouldnt let u thru the door and they would basically just carry u to the other end of the gym to Hell... very fun... hehe... the Heaven was in the kitchen, and we had pizza, mini strawberry angel food cakes, soda, dinner mints, and pretzels... i ate 1 slice of pizza, 2 angel cakes, and a few handfuls of mints O:] good dinner, good dinner lol... so yeah, that was my nite, and tomoro im prolly gonna do somethin with Nicole [from church] cuz we havent hung out in a while and its SPRING BREAK!!!!! its also 11 so im gone -nite-

19 DAYS!

ps- now this is my longest entry so far :P

jess @ 3/26/2003 11:00:00 PM


just one more quiz [i found it very inshuresting hehe]:

Are you a conspiracy theorist?

this quiz was made by Erin

^- shhhhh they dont know... <_< >_> O:]

anyhoo... last nite i told myself i would go to bed at 1030... i went to bed at 1230 -.- part of it was because i was editing my dollz page which I HAVE UP NOW! :D clicky clicky im still adding to it ^^; well, the other part for me stayin up 2 hours later [more or less] was that i was watchin TV... my dad had the TV turned up a bit and they were talkin bout the war with Iraq, and me, being the stupid curious and bored one, went and watched it.. gah, im so sick of the war!!!! >.< its so annoying... and the media is makin it the only thing thats important... HELLO!? we have NORTH KOREA and AFGHANISTAN to still worry about... theyre calling Osama Bin Laden the most wanted criminal in the world, yet we havent found him yet... ITS BEEN -*achoo**achoo**achoo* scuse me, ive been sneezing quite a bit today- 18 MONTHS SINCE THE 9/11 ATTACKS (1 1/2 yrs for the ones who are too stupid to count) AND THE TROOPS HAVE BEEN STATIONED THERE MANNING THE WEAPONS BUT HAVE WE GOTTEN MUCH NEWS ON THEM?! NO! gah... im so sick of war... its stupid... i really miss blade... last nite when i watched the TV they were talkin to a general and he was talkin bout bombing the bad people and everythin [not in those words] and while they were talkin it just made me kinda scared... cuz i wanted to see blade so badly so i could hold him and i would be forever scarred if somethin happened to him like that >.< YAY!!!!!! HE JUST CAME ONLINE OMG IM SO HAPPY NOW lol im ok... hes at school ^^ and hes online ^^ and hes talkin to me ^^ and a teacher just came by ._. blah... now i have a headache :/ ill add more soon

20 DAYS!

jess @ 3/25/2003 11:16:00 AM


i feel like crap >.< my head aches, it goes off and on, my stomach isnt too fond of me, and i have the sudden urge to bite somethin really really hard... plus the fact that i cant talk to blade now doesnt help either >.< ugh... I HATE THIS STUPID HOUSE! i was tryin to braid multiple kinda small braids in my hair earlier and then i realized i would have no way to hold them that way... CUZ WE HAVE NO RUBBER BANDS IN THIS STUPID HOUSE! gah... and nose my wrist hurts.. stupid keyboard... why cant i have a decent computer desk?! >:O... *sigh* i miss blade already... *tear tear* it hurts right here *points to chest* HEY I DIDNT SAY U COULD LOOK! ok well tomoro... while blades away [at school ._.]... ill try to keep myself busy by editing this stupid blog and finally adding the links section... or maybe ill just screw it all up and have a new template? eh who knows... i cant really find a good template that pleases me... and the only site i can find for them is but they dont have what im lookin for... and im too lazy to learn how to make my own online with the tables and everythin anyways... so ill hafta trash the peachie version... unless i can manage to actually find somethin that suites my taste... i love blade so much ^^ i wish he could stay online longer so we could continue our honeymoon... thats right, the honeymoon ;D it was today ^^... he came home early from school today cuz he was sick... but he cant stay on longer cuz he has school tomoro... why cant we have the same spring break? we had the same winter break *gets mad* *cools off* actually, better question is, why does he hafta live in maine?!?! he should live here in sarasota with me ^^ and then i could show him siesta key... muahahahaha... wish i could talk to him now and im thinkin, maybe he should pretend to be sick tomoro too, if hes gotten better already... at least im not sick like i was this mornin.. i woke up with my left nostril clogged and i couldnt breathe thru it whatsoever... then it started runnin... not good... and just when the nostril was bout to clear, the cloggyness went to my right nostril -_- stupid nose... o well... today i looked at dollz n stuff ^^ i did that yday too and i made some pretty nice ones.. ill prolly have them uploaded on my account... so i can show people just how talented i am at dragging pieces of dolls and clothing and accessories together *specialness* :P... blah... i should prolly take some medicine for this awful headache that i have... and just go to bed so i can talk to blade in the mornin around 630ish ^^... and this has gotta be the longest entry ive had since ive started this blog hehe


jess @ 3/24/2003 10:20:00 PM

so many quizzes! not enough time!

What month should you have been born in?

this quiz was made by Erin

^- i knew there was somethin wrong... :P

Which dog breed are you?

this quiz was made by Erin

^- woo!?

Which Plant Are You?

this quiz was made by Erin

^- weeee *happy happy joy joy* XD

Which Stupid Stereotype Are You?

this quiz was made by Erin

^- woo! loner! my friends just tag along.. O:]

I took the fruity fruit quiz

made by rav-chan

Check out which fruit you are

^- frootehhh

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jess @ 3/24/2003 11:45:00 AM


songness: i'm not right // i'm not fine // i wanna be rain // that tastes like wine // i wanna be good // i wanna be great // i wanna be everything // except for your mistake // i wanna be seen // i wanna get clean // i wanna just fall out of inbetween <-- sister hazel = your mistake
mood: happy ^^
reminder: links section
countdown: 22 DAYS!

i dunno what to put for now... im wordless... and still looking for an orangey or peachie kinda blogskin


^-- o.o;; thats from a commercial... that i just listened to... on my radio... *shudders* TOO MUCH INFO!!!!!!

anyhoo... its 120 [am] here and im gettin ready to hit the sack... so... ti-...-re...d... GAH!!!!! MY MOM JUST KISSED MY CHEEK I HATE WHEN SHE DOES THAT ITS SUPPOSED TO BE FOR AFFECTION BUT SHE LEAVES MY FRICKIN CHEEK WET AND ITS A NASTY FEELING GAHHHHHHHHHHH *smacks cheek and rubs saliva off* *twitches* *shudders more* stupid bi- i mean... nasty who- *cough* i mean... uh... ugly dumba- *ahem* im ok... -_-

*sigh* i miss blade... i get to talk to him in 5 hours tho!!!! ^_^ i met angie today... his friend... shes inshuresting... doesnt talk much... well to me, at least... she always seems preoccupied... especially since i told her about the dollz making site XD she absolutely loves it (as do i :P) if u wanna see it then clicky

thats it fer tonite... err... mornin? yeah... *rubs eyes*


jess @ 3/23/2003 10:41:00 PM

*smacks self on the forehead*


im ok... i just need to remind myself to find a better blogskin and to add a links section...

i also wanna mention that i love blade so much.. yeah yeah mushy gushy lol... for our "wedding" we exchanged vows in our IM and... i cried... i cried... happy tears... hes so sweet... GO HOPELESS ROMANTICS! <- as he would put it XD... *sigh* and then tonite... i cried again cuz we were talkin... and.. hes just the best guy in the world... >.< he called me the perfect girlfriend.. and.. i melted... lol... i seriously woulda gone limp and fell to the floor and prolly fainted [maybe not] if i was home alone... eh... my stupid parents... what do they kno bout love?! they cant even find it between themselves!! >:o

anyhoo... I love you, Blade... you are the best thing that has happened to me since cheesecake XD no, but really... i love him sincerely and i dont wanna think bout how my life would be if i hadnt ever met him... btw, i should really thank jessica [friend from] for first inviting me to an AIM chat... lol... and then lily... who later led me to meet my wonderful ::hubby:: XD

yeah im kinda out of it considering its 105 o_o and i need my beauty rest... and to make up for the lack of it :P nite!

jess @ 3/23/2003 01:05:00 AM

dude... ken.. (lilys boyfriend) is strange... but in his blog he has tons of quizzes :D so its quizie time again! lol

*You are a Kiss*
One of the rarest and most treasured signs of all,
others love you and you recieve this warmly.
The most wanted sign.

What Magical Symbol are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

^- woo hoo ;D


What is your inner spirit?
brought to you by Quizilla

^- o.O inshuresting...

I'm a Unicorn
Your a Unicorn
the most innocent and pure of all creatures you are
happy no matter what. Sweet and kind your there
to make sure that nobody is left behind. Your
prepared and don't tend to be the one who
dosn't understand things, but there are some
cases where you have no clue. Aw well who cares the
journey of life dosn't wait for long. Lets go!

What mystical being are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

^- O.o ooooooooooooooooooooooooooook

YOu see the world in Neutral
Harmony and balance is key. You don't look at the
world in a negative or positive way and you'll
never judge or assume a situation- you just
look at the facts. People like you are peaceful
and accepting.

What color do you see the world in?
brought to you by Quizilla

^- uh... alrighty then... *deep* o.O

Your Heart is Red

What Color is Your Heart?
brought to you by Quizilla

^- woo hoo! finally! one that makes -somewhat- sense!

*Kind and Good-Hearted* Your all kind and nice to
everyone that everyone loves you. Even though
someone leaves you, there is a reason. And they
may come back to you too. That is, because your
so nice and good-hearted.

What Kind of Personality Do You Have?
brought to you by Quizilla

^- GAH!!!!!!!!!!! KILL THE PINKNESS! o.o

You Are A Changeling
Take the World of Darkness Quiz
by David J Rust

^- *just smiles n nods*

jess @ 3/23/2003 12:56:00 AM